ASL Creatives is a social media agency that produces quality digital content for small businesses and startups to scale their businesses and attract the right customers. 

The agency creates a social media marketing strategy for its clients using Facebook and Instagram to build product awareness, trust and generate leads. 

ASL Creatives is founded by MC and Alvin, who both have relevant skills and significant experience in writing, graphics design, marketing and content creation.

MC Amoranto

Social Media Manager

MC Amoranto, Social Media Manager, never thought of starting up her own business as she used to hate the idea of selling. Little did she know that a book from one of her clients would change her mind and infuse with the achiever side of her.

She is in charge of optimising social media accounts, creating content and scheduling and posting it on various platforms.

Alvin Lorena

Graphic Design Specialist

Alvin Lorena, Graphic Design Specialist, has been juggling with his individual work as a graphic designer (with the focus in making logos) and his volunteer work for youth organisation pSaysay.

He is in charge of creating layout for various posts in different platforms, ensuring design is of the utmost quality and checking if all public materials are in accordance with the brand.

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